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How to Cook an Omelette

 A quick how to for cooking an omelette.

This quick guide for cooking an omelette will include cheese and ham. These ingredients can be substituted and you can add whatever you like.

Step 1  –  Prepare your ingredients.

The first thing to do is gather your cooking ingredients. Decide on how many eggs you want. If you are not feeling very hungry 1 or 2 eggs may do, but you can easily increase the amount depending on how many people you are cooking for.

Take your eggs and break them into a bowl, measuring jug or other suitable container for mixing them in. Now get a fork and beat the eggs until well mixed together. Try to make sure they are properly mixed and that you can only really see one solid colour as the white and yolk have mixed together.

Next ingredients to prepare are your fillings. A personal favorite is cheese and ham. Grate the cheese, as much as you like, and slice the ham into squares. You can easily add other ingredients, such as peppers, onions, chicken or you do not have to add anything. If adding ham I suggest putting it in with the egg mix now before cooking. This coats the ham in the egg and cooks the ham into the omelette, rather than having it sit on top.

Step 2  –  Prepare the pan.

Find a suitable pan to cook with. Get a decent amount of butter/margarine and put it in the pan. You can also use olive/vegetable oil to coat the pan, or a mixture of butter and oil. Turn on the heat and let the oil warm up or the butter melt. Make sure to swirl it around the pan and that everything is covered. Yuo don’t want your egg to stick.

Step 3  –  Add the egg.

Now the pan is hot and greased, pour in your egg mixture, either with the ham in or without. Don’t have the pan on too high a heat, you don’t want it to burn. A medium heat will cook the egg through properly without burning it.

Step 4  –  Add your ingredients. (Not the cheese)

Once the egg has started cooking, it will start to solidify and turn white, add your ingredients. Let the remaining uncooked egg cover the added ingredients. This will make for a better omelette. Give the pan a swirl and make sure there is an even coating of egg everywhere.

Step 5  –  Add the cheese.

When the most of the egg has solidified, add the cheese on top. By this point if you shake the pan the omelette should slide in the pan without sticking. (You can always use a spatula on the sides if they are a bit stuck).

Step 6  –  Fold the omelette.

Provided you have not overloaded the omelette with ingredients, once the cheese has half melted you can fold the omelette. Use a spatula, and, under one side, carefully lift and fold the omelette. Once folded, leave cooking for a minute. This ensures that the cheese has melted and gives the omelette a chance to seal.

Step 7  –  Serve.

Now it is cooked, serve it up and enjoy.

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